Sirhowy Hill Woodlands

Scientific name: Habrosyne pyritoides

Buff Arches

Late June to early August. Common in Wales and England as far north as Cumbria and North Yorkshire but very rare in Scotland. A very pretty moth with a flint-like appearance.


The wings are a combination of smooth grey and white with orange-brown arches. They are active from dusk are frequently attracted to light.


The larvae which are a reddish-brown with two or four cream coloured spots, can be seen from July to mid-October.

What does the Buff Arches eat?

The Buff Arches eats Bramble (Rubus fruiticosus) and Dewberry.

What habitat does the Buff Arches live in?

The Buff Arches lives in open woodland, particularly coppiced areas and young plantations. Also found in scrubby grassland and other places where Bramble grows.

What family does the Buff Arches belong to?

The Buff Arches belong to the Thyatiridae family.

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Scientific Name

Lasius niger


England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland


Medium sized

Wingspan Range: 34-40mm 


Common throughout Wales and England

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