Sirhowy Hill Woodlands

Sirhowy Hill Woodlands

Volunteer with us

Whatever your skills or background, however much time you can give, you can make a positive difference to your community.

"Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart"

Susan Arnold

Director & Secretary

Sirhowy Hill Woodlands

Why volunteer with us?

Give something back

Volunteering offers the chance to step back from our everyday lives, appreciate what we have or even take for granted and give back in whatever way we can to those who are less fortunate, whilst also helping nature and biodiversity.



Our volunteers play a pivotal role in helping to maintain Sirhowy Woodlands, by carrying out practical tasks on site, such as helping with repairs and maintenance up the woodlands, e.g. repairing stone-walls, hedging, ditching, litter removal, footpath clearance and our crucial in the running of our community gardens and tree nursery. 

Gain new skills & meet new people

Volunteering helps you gain invaluable new skills, we believe in training our dedicated volunteers and we have run city & guilds certificated courses in working with chainsaws, brush-cutting, tractor driving, ATV driving and have also trained volunteers in dry-stone walling, hedging, road going forestry trailers and tree seed collecting, etc. 

Volunteer with us and help us contribute to a sustainable future for the woodlands and the local communities whilst gaining invaluable new skills and social contacts. 

A breath of the wild

With modern day technology consuming our lives, from work e-mails to WhatsApp pings, we often loose touch with the world around us.


Volunteering gives everyone the opportunity, irrespective of age, to get lost in the natural beauty and landscape of our cherished woodlands. 


There is something for everyone here at Sirhowy Hill Woodlands to get involved in.

Volunteer with us

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Volunteer with us

Volunteering with us – and contribute to a sustainable future.

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