Sirhowy Hill Woodlands

Scientific name: Tethea ocularis

Black Garden Ant

Late May to July. Common in most of England and parts of Wales. The white edged ‘80’ on the forewings give this moth its common name.

A brown moth with fine dark cross-lines on the forewings curving around the 80 mark. The forewings are broader then the Figure of Eight moth. The adults fly at night and are attracted to light.


The caterpillars can be found from mid-July to September feeding at night and resting between two leaves spun flat together during the day. They overwinter as pupae in a delicate cocoon between leaves of the foodplant which fall to the ground with the leaves in autumn

What does the Figure of Eighty eat?

The Figure of Eighty eats aspen (Populus tremula) and other poplars

What habitat does the Figure of Eighty live in?

The Figure of Eighty can be found in a variety of habitats including broadleaved woodland, carr, river valleys, hedgerows, plantations, parks and gardens. 

What family does the Figure of Eighty belong to?

The Figure of Eighty belong to the Thyatridae family.

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Scientific Name
Tethea ocularis

England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland


Medium sized

Wingspan Range: 32-40mm 


Well distributed throughout most of England and Wales

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