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Our Vision

To be able to offer a facility for educational purposes, that support health & wellbeing, promotes wildlife and encouraged biodiversity but also one that can become sustainable through trading opportunities and income generation.


To link in with other like-minded groups, share ideas and knowledge and to hold annual events such wassails.

What we want to achieve?

Tredegar had been and industrial town since the late 1700’s after a long decline the steel works finally closed in 2001 and Tredegar became a post –industrial town and along with other post-industrial towns now suffering rising poverty and social exclusion. It is said that Tredegar is at the top of every league table you don’t want to be top of. Sirhowy Woodlands was the spoil tip for the Iron Works.


The reasons the group feels it is important to regenerate the area, to reclaim our green spaces which have become neglected and abused over a long period of time. The aim is to get people out and about and enjoying their green spaces.


The area was a spoil tip, creating fecundity out of barrenness restoring it as best as possible to it previous form pre-industrialisation. A lot of money has been spent in the area, but our aim is to future proof it and promoting health and wellbeing.

History of Orchards in Tredegar

Currently there are few, if any orchards in Blaenau Gwent as you can see from this map by Peoples Trust For Endangered Species who have surveyed England and Wales for orchards. The elevation of the area: 322 m (1056 ft).


Pre-industrialisation there were orchards in Tredegar, in Powells History of Tredegar he describes:

Previous to the beginning of the present century the district was inhabited by farmers and their shepherds, the hills clothed with trees on each side, ferns and flowers, in rich profusion, were growing everywhere. Farmhouses and pretty little orchards dotted the surface, whose inhabitants were congenial companions, sketches of which fill the mind with poetical associations, and carry us back to those ancient times when “Nature, in all her primitive grandeur”, reigned supreme.

Evan Powell

So to be able to put back in our small way an orchard in Tredegar is like restoring a little piece of history.

The Orchard itself

Site Description

Flat area on a former steelworks site.

Slope Orientation

South facing

Soil Type

Planted on poor ground of former spoil tip, large amounts of fertile soil was brought in to improve the site.

Soil Contamination

The site has potential for pollution as a brownfield site. Owners will have contaminated land report to confirm the site is now free of contaminants.



Blaenau Gwent County Council-Friends of Sirhowy Woodlands have a management agreement.

Number Of Trees

23 Planted

Access To Site

Site currently has access via an earth road. No specific parking is available on site, disabled access could be achieved via paths but there are no paths in the orchard as yet, currently the only access is via a style.

Site Location

Tree Number



















Viv’s Red

Llandinam Permain




Sams Crab

Llanachaeron Beauty

Bakers Delicious


Old Chapel Discovery


Tretower Cats head


Twylldyn Gwydd

Margoed Nicholas

Pig yr Wyd

Painted Meadow

Planted By

John Morgan, Alyson Tippings and Rosie Richards

John Morgan, Alyson Tippings and Rosie Richards

John Morgan, Alyson Tippings and Rosie Richards

Gwynfor, Freya & Poppy Evans

Kai Murphy

Ellen Jones & Les

Ellen Jones & Les

Ellen Jones & Les

Maisy Murphy & Sally Morgan

Cathy Johnson, Helen and Chloe Simmonds

Cathy Johnson, Helen and Chloe Simmonds

Oriel Price

Sally Morgan & Maisy Murphy

Chris & Freya Engle

Ellen Jones & Chris

Chris & Freya Engle

Ellen Jones & Les


The group would look to change people’s perception of the outside, this is a symptom of modern living with children and some adults stuck to their little screens, being outside in the fresh air is something that has been lost. In an area where healthy living agenda is very important and where it is high in all the league in all the lists you don’t want to be on. The creation of this community orchard fits in with the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act and is an opportunity to reintegrate with the outdoors into people’s lives and meet the health and wellbeing agenda.


Access, open public access via a style into the orchard itself.. Point of access off the road, only permitted vehicular access. There will be supervised activities.

Educational opportunities