Sirhowy Hill Woodlands

Scientific name: Turdus merula


One of our most familiar thrushes, the melodious Blackbird is a common sight in gardens, parks and woodland across the UK. Blackbirds are especially fond of feeding on lawns and can be seen with their heads cocked to one side, listening for earthworms. They also feed on insects and berries – leave out a few old apples or plant berry-producing bushes in the garden to attract these delightful birds.

How to identify the Blackbird?

Unmistakeable: male Blackbirds are entirely black with a yellow bill and yellow ring around the eye. Females are dark brown, with streaking on the chest and throat, and juveniles are also dark brown, but covered with gingery streaks.

How can I help?

You can help to look after Blackbirds and other garden birds by providing food and water for them – it doesn’t matter if you have a big garden or live in a high-rise flat, there are plenty of feeders, baths and food choices out there to suit all kinds of situations.

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Scientific Name

Lasius niger


England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland


Widely distributed over England, Wales, Scotland

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