Sirhowy Hill Woodlands

Scientific name: Ranunculus acris

Meadow Buttercup

Meadow Buttercup is a widespread and common perennial in meadows and pastures, and is also found in parks, gardens and woodland edges. It prefers slightly damper, calcareous sites where it can grow so dense, it forms yellow meadows that dazzle in the sunshine. It flowers between April and October.

"Ranunculus acris 195668672” by Tristan Haab, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0.

How to identify?

Meadow Buttercup has yellow flowers, about 2cm across that comprise five, shiny petals. It has rounded leaves divided into three to seven lobes, and doesn’t possess the runners of Creeping Buttercup.

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Scientific Name

Ranunculus acris

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